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Map of the Georgetown Campus

Georgetown Campus
Puget Sound Industrial Excellence Center
Apprenticeship & Education Center
6737 Corson Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108
Phone: (206) 934-5350

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Building A
AJAC Office - A104, A112
Classrooms - A122, A123, A125
Computer Lab - A120
Safety Lab - A127 West
Weatherization Lab - A129 East

Building B
Boilermakers Office/Classroom/Lab - B122
Classrooms - B102, B104, B116, B117, B118, B119, B134
Composites Lab - B130
Construction Skills Lab - B126
First Aid Classes - B102
Flagging Classes - B102
Labor Center - B124/125/127
Manufacturing Industrial Council (MIC) - B113
Meatcutters Classroom / Lab - B123
Sprinkler Fitters Lab - B133
Sprinkler Fitters Office - B133(Upstairs)
Youth Build - B129
Building C - Gene J. Colin Ed. Bldg
Gene J Colin Education Hall
Administration Offices - C223
Classrooms - C207, 208, 212
Conference Room - C110, 111, 123
Multipurpose Room - C122
Offices Available for Lease - C200, 201, 202, 222
PSIEC Director - C223
Registration - C102

Building D - Trowel Trades
Bricklayers Office
Cement Masons Office
Classrooms / Labs
Tile Setters Office

Building E - DC5 Allied Trades
Finishing Trades Institute Northwest
Apprentice Offices