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  1. Communication
    • Read and listen actively to learn and communicate.
    • Speak and write effectively for academic and career purposes.
  2. Computation
    • Use arithmetic and other basic mathematical operations as required by program of study
    • Apply quantitative  skills for academic and career purposes.
  3. Human Relations 
    • Use social interactive skills to work in groups effectively.
    • Have knowledge of the diverse cultures represented in our multicultural society.
  4. Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving 
    • Think critically in evaluating information, solving problems and making decisions.
  5. Technology 
    • Select and use appropriate technological tools for academic and career tasks.
  6. Personal Responsibility 
    • Uphold the highest standard of academic honesty and integrity.
    • Respect the rights of others in the classroom, online and in all other school activities.
    • Attend class regularly, complete assignments on time and effectively participate in classroom and online discussions, group work and other class-related projects and activities.
    • Abide by appropriate safety rules in laboratories, shops and classrooms.
  7. Information Literacy 
    • Independently access, evaluate and select information from a variety of appropriate sources.
    • Have knowledge about legal and ethical issues related to the use of information.
    • Use information effectively and ethically for a specific purpose.