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5 Steps to Apply and Enroll

Telephone (206) 934-6684 Globe New Student Services Building RSB 45

At South Seattle College, our mission is to provide an affordable, quality education that creates a fast track to good paying jobs, the option to transfer to a four-year university or college at a great value, the opportunity to develop basic skills, and the chance to enrich your life, personally and professionally.

To see the many degree, certificate and program options awaiting you at South, please visit our Programs Page. Before beginning the enrollment process, check the Academic Calendar to find out when the quarter begins and important enrollment deadlines. If you have any questions on understanding your Steps to Enroll, feel free to contact the Information Desk at (206) 934-6684.

Individuals with special needs and/or disabilities are encouraged to contact Disability Services for assistance.

Fill out the online Admissions Application to become a South student and receive your official Student Identification Number (SID). It’s fast and free! Some programs have separate enrollment procedures, so make sure to consult the Admissions Website on your program of interest. Allow 1 to 2 business days for application to process.

Admissions Workshops are available to receive hands-on assistance through the application process, receive your Student ID number immediately, and learn about the next steps to becoming a South Seattle College student!

Students interested in the following programs should contact the department directly for specialized enrollment steps:

Contact registration questions regarding admissions processing

(206) 934-6684| Information Desk | RSB

Learn about current cost of classes (tuition), fees, and payment deadlines and how to Pay for Tuition.

There is a variety of Financial Resources to help you plan your funding for college. Plan early to ensure timely payment for college costs before classes begin and use the Academic Calendar to watch for deadlines!
We recommend planning at least 3 months ahead if possible. Students are responsible for paying tuition by the Payment Deadline, along with purchasing books, if funding has not been confirmed by a funding source.

Financial Resources include:

Financial Resources | RSB

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Placement determines first quarter course eligibility. Preparing for the tests and performing at your best is an important step toward a good start at South. For information about critical test preparation, study guides, practice tests, and testing schedules, visit the link below:

Alternative placement options:

Placement can be determined by providing transcripts showing a college level English or Math course with a passing grade of 2.0. or greater.

    To apply previous college credits towards a degree or certificate at South, go to Registration.
    If you plan to take prerequisites for another school/program, or are taking classes for personal enrichment, and you DO NOT intend to receive a degree/certificate from South you will need to consult an Advisor to gain registration permission. To do this you must:

Questions: Contact the Advising Department at (206) 934-5387.

If seeking Financial Aid, you may be required to submit official transcripts.

If you are interested in our eLearning classes are encouraged to utilize our online resources for enrollment.

If you have determined placement at another institution, you can complete Online Orientation, and email with proof of placement.

Official score reports may be mailed/scanned/faxed from the testing office of the institution to South’s Student Assessment Services Office where your scores will be recorded for future registration.

(206) 934-6767 | Assessment Services | RSB 76

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Participation in New Student Orientation is MANDATORY for all new students. Orientation provides you with an overview of programs and services at South, and the opportunity to meet with an advisor and register for classes. Once students complete Orientation they will be able to register for classes.

If all your questions were not answered at an orientation, please feel free to contact our WSECU Advising Center or Registration Office for further assistance.

Students interested in studying nursing need to contact the Nursing Department for additional program specific information sessions.

The following student groups should NOT attend the New Student Orientation because their programs have specialized orientations:

*If you have completed an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree, please contact Advising for assistance with enrollment

(206) 934-6684 | Information Desk | RSB

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Ensure that your classes and fees are paid for by the Tuition Due Dates. Learn about our numerous Payment Options.

(206) 934-5388 | Tuition | RSB Cashier’s

You can buy your books from the South Bookstore after determining your class schedule for the upcoming quarter. Check out the website or go to the Bookstore for in-person for assistance.

(206) 934-5338 | SSC Bookstore | JMB

To receive your Student ID Card, provide official photo identification and pay the $5.00 charge to the Cashier’s Office. Then bring your receipt of payment to the Information Desk to obtain your card. Student Identification Cards are issued to all new students taking 3 or more credits.

(206) 934-6684 | RSB Information Desk

Learn about Parking and Transportation options to get you to class!

(206) 934-5388 | Cashier's Office | RSB

Connect and explore your Student Resources! Student involvement, and personal support are all available to help you be a SUCCESSFUL South Student!

(206) 934-6684 | Information Desk | RSB

If you have any questions understanding your Steps to Enroll, contact the Information Desk at (206) 934-6684 or email for assistance.