To promote student success at South Seattle College, The Center for International Education offers quarterly scholarships to eligible applicants in two categories: Academic Scholarship and Intensive English Program Scholarship. These scholarships are competitive and recognize high achieving students from around the world.

These awards celebrate and honor students with impressive academic achievements and extended involvement in campus and community organizations.

Important notes for students looking at applying for the Center for International Education Scholarships:

  1. Students must maintain F-1 student visa status
  2. Students in contract programs are not eligible
  3. Scholarship funds are tuition waivers (no cash refund)

Download the application form

For availability and requirements, please read the following:

  • Amount: One $2500 award and Five $1000 awards

  • Conditions & Terms

    • Current F-1 students enrolled in full-time classes (100 level or above) at South Seattle College
    • Must have completed at 1 full-time quarter of college level courses at South at the time of application
    • Have at least 2 full quarters remaining until graduation
    • Must have earned a minimum cumulative college level GPA of 3.5.
    • Previous college level scholarship recipients are not eligible
  • Amount: One $1,000 awards and Five $500 awards

  • Conditions & Terms

    • Current F-1 students enrolled full-time in the IEP
    • Must have completed at least one quarter of IEP coursework at South
    • Must have earned minimum cumulative IEP GPA of 3.0
    • Previous IEP scholarship recipients are not eligible

Scholarship applications are always available at The Center for International Education (located at WWB 121). In order for applications to be considered complete, students must submit the following items:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Submit a personal Statement: 250-300 word statement addressing this subject “How will your program of study at South contribute to your academic and career goals.”
  3. Submit copies of your academic transcripts
  4. Submit 2 letters of recommendation or recommendation forms available in the application packet

If you are a current/returning student, you will receive an email each quarter when the scholarship process starts. Feel free to come by The Center for International Education (CIE) anytime and ask about scholarship deadlines & timelines. If you apply for a Center for International Education Scholarship, you will receive an award notice within two weeks after the application deadline.

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