Effective Fall Quarter, 2011, all F-1 visa students who hold an I-20 form from South Seattle will be required to purchase South Seattle’s medical insurance policy (offered through Lewermark Insurance) at the time of registration. South Seattle will no longer provide medical insurance waivers for students with their own medical insurance. This change has been made to ensure that all students have adequate medical insurance coverage while studying at South Seattle.

Lewermark Insurance has a site specifically designed for international students attending South Seattle College: www.lewermark.com/southseattle. From this site, students are able to print insurance cards, find a doctor, file a claim, and learn about their coverage.

Students who arrive on an initial I-20 to South Seattle College, are covered under Lewermark Insurance 30 days prior to the start date on the I-20 document. After completing your program, students are covered for 30 days while in the United States. Students can purchase additional insurance for coverage for the entire 60 days of grace period allowed under F-1 regulations.

Dependents not eligible to receive Lewermark Student Insurance. Please refer to the website for more information on insurance options for your spouse and children

Students can also purchase additional insurance that covers teeth and/or eyes. There are two options under the SmartSmile Dental Plan offered by Lewermark which will cover care for your teeth and mouth. Careington (a partner through Lewermark) offers discounts for both dental and eye care services. For more information about these services, come to The Center for International Education.

Vacation Quarter or Quarters with No Enrollment

If you are not taking any classes at South Seattle College during a vacation quarter, leave of absence, or medical leave, you will not be covered by South Seattle College’s insurance policy unless you buy insurance for that quarter. The CIE strongly recommends that students purchase insurance in these circumstances to ensure they have adequate coverage. Please visit the Center for International Education (CIE) to purchase insurance.

If you choose not to purchase coverage during a vacation quarter, leave of absence, or medical leave, you will have a break in coverage from the last day of the previous quarter until the first day of the next quarter you enroll and purchase insurance.

If you have a serious medical condition that requires you to be on full or part-time medical leave, the Lewer policy may not cover you after your first quarter of full or part-time leave. If your condition prevents you from enrolling full time for a second quarter, you may consider returning to your home country until you have fully recovered. If you remain in the United States on medical leave after your first quarter of full-time or part-time medical leave, you may need to find a new insurance policy to cover your medical expenses.

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