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A complaint as outlined here is defined as a good faith allegation based on personal experience or knowledge by a student or students that there has been a violation, misapplication, or misinterpretation of some service or rule as it applies to students in the institution by a staff or faculty member of the institution, resulting in loss or detriment to the complainant. The Dean of Student Life, located in the Jerry Brockey Student Center, serves as a formal student advocate and is the recommended first point of contact for students considering the submission of a complaint.

Grievances not covered by this complaint procedure

  1. A student may not use this process for issues related to student misconduct. Misconduct is inappropriate behavior that affects the institution’s pursuit of its educational objectives. Information about the Code of Conduct and examples of misconduct can be reviewed in the Student Handbook. Report conduct incidents to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services at 206-934-6788.
  2. To report an act of sexual harassment or sex discrimination by any employee of the institution, see South Seattle College’s sexual harassment policy. Report incidents to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services at 206-934-6788.
  3. South Seattle College is committed to ensure that all employees and students work and learn in an environment that fosters mutual respect and professionalism, free from all forms of “bullying” behaviors, including “cyber bullying”, as outlined in our Equal Opportunity Statement and Accommodation page. If you have been impacted and wish to report an incident, contact the Director of Human Resources at 206-934-6415.
  4. Federal and state laws, rules and regulations, in addition to policies, regulations and procedures adopted by the state board for community and technical colleges or the board of trustees of the Seattle Colleges District, are not up for debate, and have no complaint process associated with them.